How to wash and dry your wine glasses

How to wash and dry your wine glasses

If you're wondering how best to clean and dry your personalised wine glasses, then here are some handy tips:

1. Wipe away any food and lipstick stains before wash

Use a damp, soapy cloth to wipe away any dirty rims before washing the glasses. Food residues and chemicals from makeup can react with the tannins and "cook" onto the glass and leave a mark.

2. Use the dishwasher

The debate of whether it is safe to wash your wine glasses in the dishwasher is the a thing of the past as the dishwashers of today have been designed to take into consideration the delicate stems of your wine glasses. Allow for plenty of room on either side of your wine glass to minimise scratches and jostling with other glasses or metal utensils.

All of the Muse Monogram wine glasses and glassware are dishwasher safe, however we recommend putting on a gentle wash cycle as they are crystal glass which is more fragile than normal glass.

3. Rinse off after dishwasher

Dishwashing detergent can sometimes leave a residue and/or smell. It's best to rinse off your wine glasses as it may affect the taste/smell of the wine you put in.

4. Hand wash in moderately hot soapy water

Handwashing your wine glasses is what we recommend as you can control the outcome. One drop of mild detergent per glass is more than enough. Do not use abrasive brushes on the glasses. Once washed, it is best to air dry or dry with a lint-free tea towel (be extra gentle to avoid breakage as the glass has warmed up from washing).

5. For extra shine, use a soft polishing cloth

Use two (yes, two) lint-free microfibre cloths to polish your glasses. We say two because the extra cushioning will prevent any breakage. Avoid using the twisting motion especially around the stem as this may cause breakage.

6. Store your wine glasses upright

This is to avoid chipped rims and trapping cupboard odors in the bowl. In saying that, avoid storing your wine glasses near smelly objects such as candles as the fragrance can permeate the glass and affect the taste of your wine.

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